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Handmade Sodalite & Opalite Bracelet

Handmade Sodalite & Opalite Bracelet

Pieces of Peace Original Handmade Bracelet.


Intentionally curated to promote happiness, confidence, emotional well-being, and peace.


Sodalite helps in bringing one back to the calm, rational, moment of what truly matters. Sodalite is known for enhancing left-brain creativity and communication as well as confidence in inner beauty, calmness in moments of high distress, and wisdom. It helps in verbalization of one’s feelings, inner peace and protection from stress and anxiety.


Opalite is an energetic and stabilizing stone that increases one’s ability to let goodness in and negativity out. Wearing opalite helps boost one’s capacity to see their own potential and tap into one’s higher self with more ease.

Opalite aids in an overall sense of peace and wellness in one’s core, stabilizing mood swings and diminishing anxieties.

Opalite also brings with it a playful energy, one that even helps alleviate depression and ease one’s heart.

With its glistening pool of water look and its serene nature, opalite also aids in long term relationship stability and often is referred to as a stone of love, communication, and tranquility.



Stretches to fit most wrists.

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