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Aura Quartz Hair Comb

Aura Quartz Hair Comb

Aura Quartz shimmers and is rainbow-opalescent to metallic in color. These stones vary in color depending on cut and lighting and are simply divine in look and nature.

This crystal is one of few man-made stones accepted by healers globally. This specific type of Aura Quartz is Aqua, and created by bonding the atoms of quartz and gold. Although the combination creates a new crystal, the color is natural.
Aura Quartz has a light and loving nature, promoting self love and soothing confidence. Wearing Aura Quartz aids in balancing one's body and mind, but is known best for promoting clear, consise, and meaningful communication. Aura Quartz is known to stimulate action from ambition as well as honor the expression of one's creativity.
  • Additional Info

    Birthstone: Not a traditional or natural birthstone

    Zodiac(s): Helpful for all zodiacs.

    Chakra(s): All Chakras, with an emphasis on the Throat Chakra

    Size: 3"x 3" with small variations. The Moon is 1 - 1/2" wide.

    *Note colors might vary a little in person.

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