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Our Origins

"Pieces of Peace is a physical manifestation of owners Nihomary and Rachel's passion in intentional living and creating a life they love and are fueled by."

Pieces of Peace is meant to be a resource for exactly what the name intends- one which contributes to your own version of peace. 


We understand what may bring peace can differ greatly from person to person.

Our manufacturing and purchasing mindset is in selecting items that intend to uplift spaces, mindsets, promote conscious living, healing, more joy in anyone's life, and that have meaning for the customer beyond monetary value.

Please enjoy exploring our site and our social media where we post much more than just products.

We hope you find something that speaks to you- even if not monetary.

And we hope you too may experience more intentional peace and meaning in your day-to-day.

With love and intention,

Nihomary and Rachel

healing crystals

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