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Almandine Crystal Necklace

Almandine Crystal Necklace

The Revitalizing Truth Stone


Almandine is a type of garnet that is rooted in the Earth. It is grounding, protective, and a powerful source of strength. It has been used for centuries as a good luck and abundance charm, most likely due to its nature to encourage, motivate, and provide emotional aid to the wearer.

Almandine is well known for its ability to clear the clouds in your mind and expose truth in reality. It aids in any anxieties or fears that may hold one back, and promotes a grounding presence and acceptance of reality.

Almandine aids in intellectual endeavors, and empowers the wearer in their passions.


This stone stimulates ones chakras from the root up to the crown- a very powerful personal transformation aid.

  • Additional Info

    Birthstone: January

    Zodiac(s): Aquarius, Capricorn, Scorpio, Virgo,

    Chakra(s): Root Chakra, Crown Chakra

    Length: 18 inches

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