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Who We Are

So much of life is lived in robot mode. Unconscious scrolling through social media, mindless 9-5s, days filled with monotonous "to-dos", it goes on.

Pieces of Peace was inspired by the commitment to a life filled with what fuels us. A life inspired by and committed to more moments of self-love, more moments of mindfulness, more moments of pure joy, and of intentional choice.

Therefore, this shop is very much a spiritual store, meant to be a physical manifestation of healing, love, elevation, and peace to be enjoyed by and shared with all who feel moved by similar desires.

We aim to share in this collaborative mission and hope wanderers much like ourselves find themselves here connecting with something that speaks to them, something that fuels them, or something that simply promotes peace in their home, wardrobe, or day-to-day.

Please explore what sparks joy, shop what calls you, and fill your life with Pieces of Peace along side us.


Delivery options (depending on geographic location) and payment methods are generous and flexible. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, comments, or suggestions.

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